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Taxi Promo

Taxi promos were successfully conducted in Umlazi mega city, Isipingo and Bester taxi rank in Inanda, these are the busiest taxi ranks within the townships and transporting people to various destinations.

The purpose of these promotions was to promote Stakeholders brands namely, GUD and FRAM Filters, Safeline Brakepads, Indy Oil and NGK sparkplugs. Drivers participated by showing the products they use in their taxis and together with a show of the Safeline container as assurance of brand usage. Those who were found using cheap quality brands, were educated on the stakeholder’s brands and were rewarded with T-shirts as a form of encouragement to being loyal.

These taxi promotions were welcomed very well by rank managers and drivers as they are perceived to be informative. Filpro will continue promoting these brands across all taxi ranks in Durban and ensuring that taxi drivers use stakeholder’s brands all the time when they service their cars.


Bester Taxi Rank-Inanda Township north of Durban




Isipingo Taxi Rank



Umlazi Megacity taxi rank.