Mogwase Motor Center


Mogwase is one of the Townships situated close to the town of Rustenburg (North West Province) its neighbours include Sun City, Sandfontein, Moruleng, Soulspoort and Ledig. Rustenburg is surrounded by mines which mainly produce Platinum and Coal. Most people working at the mines buy second hand cars which need to be fixed often and this has created a great demand for business for informal mechanics such as Johannes Ngomane.


Johannes Ngomane better known as Jojo around the township is the sole owner of “Mogwase Motor Centre”. His passion for motor mechanics began while he was working for African Exposes Chemical Industry (AELCI) in 1983. He bought his first car; which gave him a few hassles and this led to him having to get it fixed regulary until he acquired the skill of fixing cars. Thirteen years later he was retrenched the Company offered him an opportunity to study motor mechanics he gladly accepted. For two years he operated his business from home until he was approached by the Department of Education; which recruited him to teach Motor Mechanics at the surrounding schools and later he was officially announced instructor for the Department.


One of the many challenges he experiences at the workshop; is customers bring their cars to be fixed without paying a deposit for parts and they leave their cars for days at his workshop. After fixing, a customer may take too long to fetch his car;  this  resulted in him having to hire a Security Company to guard the workshop. Some clients do not want to pay after their cars have been fixed it is not fair he says.  Another challenge the workshop is experiencing is people who trespass and steal car parts from the client cars. Lastly model cars need diagnostic machines to get to the root of the problem which is difficult for him as he does not own one. In order to perform proper diagnosing, he needs to go to Town to get it done.   


According to Jojo all the mechanics need to be part of a mechanical forum so they can charge the same amount and have meetings regularly, this will also form a platform to discuss the use of quality products and not use what he termed as “Fong Kong” parts; which are the cheaper imports. He also feels that the automotive industry is one of the industries that employ people and can create job opportunities for many people if they can be recognised by the Government.


Jojo Johannes Ngomane joined the Filpro programme in May 2013. Joining the programme alluded him the opportunity to formalise his business and have it registered as “Mogwase Motor Centre”. Having participated in all trainings offered by Filpro he highlighted the fact that product Training helped him realise the difference between GUD Filters and what he calls “fong Kong” products. It’s important for all mechanics to have the relevant knowledge of the products they use on a daily basis to service customer vehicles. The other trainings helped him with the day to day operations of his business. He has now implemented the use of job cards before operating on a vehicle. Jojo mentions that the Filpro trainings assisted him to understand how to comply with SARS and the department of Labour; which is important especially when you have a registered business.  Lastly he stated the importance of Customer service in any business.


Mogwase Motor Centre has been able to use one of the Municipality premises and has seven employees. Jojo intends to hire three more people before the end of June 2014; as he needs extra assistance with the business growing. Jojo has learnt the importance of proper financial management and budgeting for his Company, he is pleased with his profits as he now knows where and how he is spending his money. The biggest achievement has been securing a contract to service cars for the Pilanesberg National Park.


Pictures of Jojo in Class


Pictures of Mogwase Motor Centre