Wise Corner Motor Doctor


Mduduzi Maphumulo started his mechanical career at an early age by working with Mr Shabalala in Lamontville, that’s where he learned how to fix cars and develop a passion for them. He worked under supervision of Mr Shabalala for 8 years; in 1989 he then started working for himself. After 15 years of working from home he moved into his own premises located in Mthiyane Avenue.


The challenges he encountered are that customers don’t pay on time, meaning he has to use his own personal funds to pay staff salaries. Secondly with the introduction of new cars that use computer box and have fuel injection, fixing them without proper diagnosing tools is almost impossible. This results in him outsourcing work he can’t do.
The unavailability of spares in the area is another huge challenge as the closest spare shop is about 20 kilometers away.                                                                                                                                          


In April 2012 he joined the Filpro Enterprise Development Program and that is where Wise Corner Motor Doctor was born. Having participated in all training offered by Filpro, Mduduzi said “I now have a registered company; registered with SARS, and know about the labor relations in terms of the important of looking after your employees and customers.
In his current yard he can accommodate 10 cars a day; he specializes in Engine overhaul, general car wiring,  brakes, carburetor and gearbox repairs.


Wise Corner Motor Doctor with the help from Filpro has increased his employees from one part time to six full time employees. He now has secured workshop which is fenced and has a security guard at night. With the shortage of spare shop in the area he has decided to open a small sparescshop which will also accommodate other mechanics in the area.