Mobile Mechanic


Ephraim Mhlongo also known as “Wawa” has a passion for cars; which started at the tender age of 10 while growing up in KZN. His curiosity grew when he would watch his neighbour fixing cars. Soon after matric he started working for his neighbour permanently without any formal qualification; he then moved to Johannesburg to seek formal employment but didn’t last long as he saw that working for another person was holding him back. He resigned and started working from home rebuilding and selling VW cars, later he decided to work on BMW cars as more and more mechanics were fixing VW cars.

Co-owner Dumsani Sandleni always loved how modified BMW used for spinning looked, as he was growing up. After he matriculated in 1995 he enrolled for a course in Motor vehicle Technology at INTEC College, upon graduating he got into the Automotive Sector by rebuilding and selling cars.


The company was formally registered in 2009, whilst they were operating from home. They are well known for their great work as they even get clients from recognised Automotive Institutions. Dumsane and Wawa mentor four young unemployed youth in the township that are aspiring to be motor mechanics. With their hard work they have been able to buy the latest BMW diagnostic equipment to make their job easier as they work with old and latest model of cars.


With the increasing number of aftermarket cars,Mobile mechanics believe that it is their opportunity to work and bring those cars to life as reputable Automotive Workshops do not like working on old cars with the reason being they are too time consuming. They would like to see the giants of the industry giving them recognition in the form of technical training on the latest models. They would also like to get to the higher level in the Industry by getting government fleet and RMI accreditation.


The Industry is constantly changing and keeping up with the latest equipment is expensive and the fact that customers do not make payments as per agreement means a shortfall in profits. Lack of space for customer vehicles, as they are in need of proper facilities.


The duo joined the Filpro programme in 2012 since then they have been able to implement an electronic filing system as they have acquired the skills in the trainings provided.
In December 2012 at the Year end Certificate Ceremony they were awarded a full equipped toolbox for category of Most Innovative Company.