Vico's Prestigious Repairs


Vico’s Prestigious Repairs is stationed and fully operational in Kutlwanong Section, in Kuruman in the Northern Cape Province. This well-travelled, magnificent, qualified and popular motor mechanic workshop in Kuruman was founded by Mr Victor Anderson. Though he fixes all make of vehicles especially diesel mechanics, but he is in exceptional Toyota vehicle specialist. His slogan speaks for itself “With Toyota nothing is impossible”.


Born and bred in Postmasburg, Northern Cape. In 1983 Victor’s parents moved from Postmasburg to Kuruman due to his father’s mining jobs. Unlike other mechanics Victor never had any interest or love of motor mechanic. When completing matric in 1992 Victor wanted to enrol for Medicine at Medunsa but due to financial constraints his dream never materialised. His former high school offered him an opportunity to teach maths & science on a part time basis from 1993-1995. It was during his teaching time where he developed the love for motor mechanic.
In 1998 after saving some funds through his teaching part time job Victor enrolled himself at Kathu Technical College where he obtained his N3 certificate in Motor Mechanic specialising in Diesel. In 1999 he further enrolled at the Mining Institute “CIVOS” where he obtained his Trade Test Certificate. In 2000 he was employed fulltime by Kumba Iron Ore as a Diesel Mechanic until 2008.

After working for 9 years at Kumba Victor saw the gap and the opportunity of starting his own workshop, that where Vico’s Prestigious Repairs was born.  Around March 2013, Filpro Project Coordinators visited Victor at his workshop and he was very excited about such an opportunity especially in rural areas like kuruman.

Victor has been very instrumental throughout our programme, his leadership qualities and skills have been vital especially when it comes to motivating and encouraging the emerging young & old motor mechanics. Today his workshop attract a lot of customers from the mines and community, he also assist young people who are interested in the motor mechanic career. His workshop can accommodate +-20 vehicles at the same time and the company has three full time employees which are paid on a monthly basis.


Like any other small and aspiring business that is striving to grow, Victor says without challenges you cannot strive in any business. Financial constraints are a major challenge that everyone in any small/medium business encounters. The other challenge that Victor mentioned was getting contractual works with the surrounding businesses, as they are used to take their fleets to be fixed in town. But through determination, commitment and hard work customers started to spread the word about his services which worked wonders for his business.
When asking him how he overcome those challenges, Victor responded by saying, networking, attending industry seminars and reading help him to shape his mind-set about the vision for his business. He further emphasised how the Filpro trainings assisted equipped him with knowledge especially customer care, bookkeeping and financial management.


Victor views the mechanic industry as very interesting and challenging at the same time.  The most important aspect the industry requires is legislations that will protect upcoming motor mechanics. Government should try and relax the muscle at times just to accommodate these informal mechanics. He also stressed that of all the motor mechanics he has worked with in most areas, their questions and answers are the same. Even though the industry is still dominated by whites blacks are also stand a good chance only if some the Laws can be relaxed a bit to accommodate the previously disadvantaged groups.


Victor is no stranger to Enterprise Development initiatives, having worked at Kumba Iron Ore, part of his duties was skills development and transfer. For Victor programmes such as the Filpro ED, this is what is required by all stakeholders in all industry spheres. Enterprise Development programmes play a pivotal role in the economy of any country

According to Victor the Filpro programme taught him a lot of things as mentioned above. Though I was a bit aware of some of the things but I was not implementing them accordingly. As an owner of the business I used to do things the way I want, for example I trainings I was introduced to bookkeeping which requires me to keep receipts of everything I buy with the company money. Today even when I’m meeting a client at a restaurant I keep the receipts for bookkeeping purposes. The product training was also an eye opener for me even though i am knowledgeable above how filters operate but I was not aware on how to differentiate a genuine and a Fake filter. Thank you so much Filpro, keep up the good work and carry on inspiring and giving hope to other mechanics in South Africa.


According Victor, achievements that he will always relate to were the introduction to the Filpro Programme, the Product training, the Finance & Bookkeeping as well as the trainings where SARS, Department of Labour and the Banks were invited.

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                                                                                    Victor giving his testimony about Filpro Programme during their certificate ceremony


Victor interacting during trainings   Victor listening in class (3rd from left front raw)


Victor observing proceeding at the certificate ceremony in Galeshewe, Kimberley


Victor receiving a full equipped Toolbox from L-R Bonnie Magada & Sbahle Mthembu