The Enterprise development Workshops are held after Business management and finance trainings are completed.  Whilst the mechanics are attending these trainings they are given an opportunity to register their own businesses. With this said the purposes of the Enterprise Development Workshops are to educate the mechanics on compliance with SARS and the Department of Labour and the banks give information on opening and managing a business account, the Rose foundation educates on the importance of recycling oil and preventing pollution. These stakeholders are invited to present on their departments and the mechanics are given a platform to ask questions.

These stakeholders play a fundamental role in providing the necessary information the mechanics need for compliance with their departments, their roles are explained below:
•    Department of labor- provide information on employee benefits should anything happen such as Compensation fund and UIF. CCMA discusses issues such as dispute resolution and prevention.
•    SARS- Mechanics  are educated on complying with SARS, they are given information on Turnover tax, Small business tax and VAT
•    Banks- Mechanics are advised on the importance of having business accounts separated from personal accounts since their businesses are registered.
•    The Rose Foundation- educates the mechanics on recycling oil and saving the environment.

The Enterprise Development workshops were conducted in the Vaal townships namely; Bophelong on the 21st of May 2013, Sharpeville on the 22nd of May 2013; Ratanda on the 28th of May 2013 and Sebokeng on the 16th of July. The Mechanics showed much interest and flooded the presenters with questions; the interaction was very impressive indeed. After the workshop we allowed the mechanics to give us feedback and the response was very good as many mentioned the positive impact the trainings have in their business. The workshop ended with the mechanics also receiving Sampy’s which were provided by the Rose Foundation as they encourage non-pollution of oil.