Sales & Marketing Training

Sales and Marketing is one of the trainings that the Filpro Enterprise Development Programme (EDP) offers to our Informal Service Centres (ISC’s). These trainings are designed in accordance with the understanding of the environment that our participants are working under.
The Sales & Marketing training is expected to run for two days which is normally split into two weeks, meaning participants  attend once a week. Thus allowing them enough time to spend at their workshops and also try and implement the lessons learned from the trainings to their businesses.

During the two day sales & marketing training, participants are taught about various ways of increasing sales and marketing in their businesses. The following topics are covered with regards to sales & marketing:

  • Customer Service

Participants are taught about the importance of a customer in increasing sales of a business. It is further discussed that customer satisfaction encourages your current customer to refer others to your workshop because of the treatment they receive, thus in return boosts sales of your business.   

Word of mouth from satisfied customers also plays a major role in marketing the services of your business without spending any cent. Customers who are happy with your service won’t be shy to talk about your good service to their peers. Most importantly, participants are made to understand the role customers play in any business environment. The manner in which you treat your customers determines its growth or downfall.

  • Networking

Networking was identified as another major aspect of growing a business. For your business to grow, interacting with other industry role players is vital. Participants are encouraged to attend various seminars/tradeshows/exhibitions that are related to their businesses. By doing that they are able to interact and exchange ideas on how some of the common problems facing their industry can be addressed collectively.

  • Time management

The time in which a customer vehicle spends at a workshop is crucial, that time has a positive/negative impact with regards to the sales & marketing of your business. Participants are taught about the importance of prioritising their work in order to meet their turnaround time when fixing customer vehicles. For example, when saying to a customer come and fetch your car at 16:00, you must mean it. Participants are also made aware that time wasted is equivalent to money wasted, thus time is money.

See gallery below of pictures taken during some of the Sales & marketing trainings

 Sales & Marketing training in Kimberley – Galeshewe Recreation Hall


 Sales & Marketing training in Postmasburg – Municipal Hal Postmasburg


 Sales & Marketing training in Kuruman – Maruping Community  Hall