Inanda is another busiest township in South Africa, which forms part of the INK area the second largest township in KZN also with the highest number of informal workshops operating from home, street corners and mobile.  Within the eThekwini Municipality Motor mechanic industry has not been prioritised.

Ma-Tau-Tseno mechanic was started by Abraham Tau at the age of 12. He had a dream to do Audio visual; he worked as a clerk in King George Hospital.
In 2006 started his company Ma-Tau-Tseno mechanic working at home, he studied motor mechanic at Elangeni college. His business specialize on engine repairs, clutch, brakes overhaul and vehicle he fix are IsuZu KB, Opel and Chevrolet and he started working with one assistant  

He has encountered some challenges including the challenge of working alone which was difficulty for him as customers expect their cars to be fixed without delays, not having proper premises to operate also became a huge obstacle. With technology being constantly improved in vehicles it has become a lot harder to work on cars without having proper equipment. Most cars require diagnostic equipment, without this it affects the time it takes to fix a vehicle. 

He believes that to be successful in this industry you need to train your subordinate thorough, so you can delegate in order to increase the turnaround time for customer’s cars to be completed and do things right at the first time. The industry requires tools such as diagnosis machine as most new cars in the market requires such tool to perform the required job well and the issue of premises is also a big challenge.

Through Filpro’s intervention he has gained confident, now he has knowledge on business management and the importance of understanding the business environment. He joined Filpro early 2014, now he currently accommodates about 6 cars in his workshop and employed 4 people.

 He has gained confidence on NGK, GUD & SAFELINE since the came of Filpro on his business, now he is able to educate or transfer the knowledge to his customer’s and encourage them to bring quality brands when doing a service. Abraham is hoping through the help of FILPRO he will achieve his objective to become a formal workshop and become a member of RMI so he can fix insurance vehicles.

Abraham has been able secure the premises, now working on the proper workshop structure which accommodate 6 cars, and increased the employment from one employee to four employees. He has learned that customers are important (Customer is king).