2020TT Auto Engineering and Transport


The West rand consists of three areas Randfontein, Mogale city and Carltonville. These regions lie on the west of Johannesburg and border the North West province. Identification took place in May and June 2013, it was during the identification we met Mr Nathan Chacha who is based in the Mohlakeng Township under the town of Randfontein.


Mr Nathan Chacha or as he is known in Mohlakeng “Themba”, is a self-taught motor mechanic, who is born and bred in the capital city of KwaZulu Natal; Pietmaritzburg. His passion for cars began when his late father bought his first car in the 1970’s; whenever the car would break down, his father would call a mechanic, whilst the mechanic was busy, Themba would hang around fascinated by what the mechanic was busy with and this fuelled his curiosity and grew his love for motor mechanics.

After he matriculated in 1983; ironically his first job was an administrative position, he later left and pursued his dream job of being a motor mechanic in 1987 whereby he worked at the National garage and gained most of his first-hand experience from his Portuguese employer Mr Joy. In 1989 he moved to Randfontein to start his own business but at the time it wasn’t easy, in 1990 he moved to Namibia for three years, he opened a successful workshop but returned to South Africa when Windhoek gained its independence; and started introducing many laws for foreign business owners. Apon returning to South Africa in 1994 he worked for Toyota South Africa for four years in Randfontein until he then pursued his business full time in Mohlakeng where he currently resides and operates his business.


Although Themba enjoys being his own boss, he still faces challenges of being a business owner. Vehicle engines get upgraded more often than they did in the past and the diagnostic machines are very expensive and he can’t always afford to upgrade his machinery. Also operating a business in the township can be challenging, as it attracts thieves who want to steal tools and vehicle parts for quick cash, this has resulted in Themba spending a lot of money upgrading his security to prevent losing the little machinery he has


The idea of forming a mechanics forum in Mohlakeng is what Themba is working towards, especially since Filpro has assisted in forming a platform to get to know the other mechanics in the area, when they meet for trainings. Themba feels this will allow the sharing of ideas with the other mechanics. He has a very big client base in Mohlakeng and he doesn’t find it competitive enough in the area, so branching out to other areas is an option he is considering and also mentoring smaller businesses in the area.


Since he started operating his business, Themba has never registered his own company. In 2013 he joined Filpro. He attended all the trainings whereby he learnt more on how to operate his business formally and this inspired him to register his company 2020TT Auto Engineering and Transport. He currently has two employees which he has taken under his wing to train on mechanics.


Within a period of eight months Nathan complied with all Filpro requirements which include registering a company, and at the year-end award ceremony 2013, he won under the category “Most Innovative Company”. This has been one of the greatest achievements thus far and has encouraged him to continue to grow and improve and most importantly empower others in the industry.




 Nathan and the trainee's


 Nathan and his team on duty